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This site is all about one of the best animals in the world: Hamsters! It has pics, links, hamster names, info, and a whole lot of other stuff about Hammies.
My baby hamster:KoKo
This is one of my 2 hamsters. Her name is KoKo. She is a baby Siberian Hamster. She's My 3rd hamster.
Welcome 2 Hammie Home
In this site you'll find a lot of info about taming, handling, and taking care of hamsters. You'll also find pics of my hamsters, my brother and sister's hamsters, and my friend's hamsters. There is also hamster links.

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Which hamster do u like better? Kayda or KoKo? Send me your answer at YoshiKayda@aol.com.
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My other hamster:Kayda
This is my other hamster Kayda. She is a full grown Siberian hamster. She's my second hamster.
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