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Taking care of a Hamster
One thing u need 2 know about taking care of a hamster is where 2 put the cage. You should put it in a spot that isn't drafty. It could cath a cold. You shouldn't put it by a heater or radiater either. Another thing u need 2 know is what 2 feed it. You can buy a pack of hamster food from a pet store, but make sure it says it's for hamsters. U can feed them fresh fruits and vegetables, 2, but it can't be citrus fruit. Dont give them 2 much either. Another thing u need 2 know is what to use as bedding. U can get that from a pet store. You should give them soft woodchips, fresh hay, or peat. Don't give them cedar woodchips because it's 2 sharp. Don't give them fluffy cotton bedding because they could choke on it or get tangled in it. 1 more thing u need 2 know is to be nice to your hamster. Don't tease it, try not 2 drop it, ad never hit it.

My brother's hamster Raptor
This is my brother's hamster Raptor. She is a girl. (my brother is afraid to take it out of the cage with his hands because it bites so hard!)
  Handling a hamster
The first thing u should know about handling a hamster is how 2 pick it up. There are 2 main ways.(They might bite you the first or second time, but it'll get used to u pretty soon.) 1 way is 2 scoop it up. Cup your hands together. Then put them inside the cage. then pull your hands apart, put them under the hamster, then put them back in a cup and scoop the hamster up.

The other way is 2 pick it up by the scruff of the neck. (You should try this when it's out of the cage first.) Put your hands by the hamster. Then take your thumb, middle, and index finger and grab the scruff of its neck(right behind it's ears) DO NOT squeeze it hard and don't hold it like that too long. The first time you do it it looks like it hurts her but it doesn't, if u do it right. It'll get used to it.

Taming a Hamster
Taming a hamster is pretty easy. Be really nice to them. Also give them fresh fruits and vegetables often and let them eat out of your hand. Never yell at it even if it bites u.

email me if u have any questions

Other Info

If u get a metal bar cage, make sure that the bars are noth to far apart. If they are then your hamster could squeeze right through it. Also It should have bars going side 2 side and up and down. U can also get glass aquariums, but make sure it has a screen lid. There are also plastic cages. You can also buy plastic tubes to connect cages together or just for your hamster to have fun. U can also make tubes out of a cardboard paper towel roll.(U shouldn't connect cages with them because the hamsters can chew through them. U should put them in the cage instead.


You can buy treats for your hamster at a pet store. There are strawberry drops, yogurt drops, honey treats, fruit treats, and a lot of other stuff. Don't give them 2 much because they could get un healthy and overweight.

Milk and Yogurt

You can give your hamster milk and yogurt. They like it a lot.


There are a lot of toys you can give your hamster. You should definately give them an excercise wheel. You can also make them cardboard tubes, ladders, rope ladders and walkways, and a lot of other stuff. You can also buy them wooden houses. They like to play in it and on it. They also sleep in it.

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My Friend's Hamster, Creamy
This is my friend Julian's hamster. Her name is creamy. She's a Siberian hamster. She is very tame.

My friend's other hamster Crunchy
This is Julian's other hamster, Crunchy. She is a girl Saphire Siberian.