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Hammie Pics
These are the real pictures of the hamsters. (The pic of Tiny isnt the real one.)

This is my old hamster Tiny. She was a girl European hamster. I still miss her.
This is my hamster Kayda. She is a full grown Siberian Hamster. She is really playful.
This is my other Siberian hamster. She is a baby. She knows how to play fetch.
This is my brother's hamster Raptor. Were not sure what kind it is. She is very nice, but she bites really hard!
This is my sister's hamster. Her name is Sada. She is a white Siberian hamster. She is really nice. She loves 2 play on her wheel.(Picture Coming soon!)
This is my friend's hamster. Her name is Creamy. She's a Siberian hamster. She is really tame.
This is My friend's other hamster, Crunchy. Creamy and Crunchy are sisters.Crunchy is a girl Saphire Siberian. She likes 2 get into mischief. (The thing in her mouth is a toothpick.)

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